Quality Management Statement

Management responsibility

The Ambassadors Bloomsbury hotel is committed to ensuring a high level of quality practices and procedures are implemented, maintained and monitored. The emphasis of quality is by delivering the best possible service and in return delighting and surprising our guests and exceeding their expectations.

Business reviews

The Ambassadors Bloomsbury uses several tools to monitor and assure the level of quality service in which we aim to provide, this is done through the use of a company called “Assured Customer Experience”. This is a series of mystery audits that are undertaken with the results communicated back to the hotel to highlight the highs and lows of the visits and detail their recommendations to ensure an even better quality experience. Web-based tools such as Tripadvisor is another means in which we monitor guest satisfaction and in turn take the time to respond to guest reviews. We also undertake our own reviews through the use of comment cards in the rooms or upon checkout from the hotel.

Customer care

A key index area for the Ambassadors Bloomsbury is the level of customer care we do provide. Feedback from our guests currently and in the past has been very positive and that is down to the long serving team in place and the quality time taken to ensure the various teams are developed and trained to the highest standards in place.

Staff and employees

The team within the Ambassadors Bloomsbury are very proud of their job and strive to go out of their way to ensure the guests had a memorable stay. All employees are treated fairly and we have a welfare scheme in place to recognise and reward our colleagues.

Working environment and processes

The Ambassadors Bloomsbury is committed to providing a safe place to work and provide the correct tools to do the job. The local council audits our food premises and the recent award “Scores On The Doors” achieved the highest quality rating of 5 stars. The team work and train to their own Personal Development Plans and we have also signed up to the “Skills Pledge” endorsed by the Learning and Skills Council.


Before any suppliers are appointed, the Ambassadors Bloomsbury seek to contact references before any contracts are signed and sealed. We only use the best quality produce in our food premises and our suppliers are recognised for this.


The Ambassadors Bloomsbury is up to date with all current regulations and requirements with regards to documentation. The hotel is a registered company under Guidezone Ltd.

Preventing and correcting product or service problems

Prevention is better than cure is a philosophy we endorse at the Ambassadors Bloomsbury. Rigorous controls are in place with HACCP for our food premises and the front of house team are dedicated to ensuring the public spaces are free from faults and rectify immediately where possible. Guest feedback is a tool we use here to ensure any service issues are brought to the forefront, investigated and amended.


All records regarding the business and personnel are kept both in hard and soft copy. Records are archived for safe keeping up to 6 years and the Ambassadors Bloomsbury outsource their HR element to RBS Mentor to ensure everyone is kept up to date with current HR laws and practices.

Accommodation rates are inclusive of VAT

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